Bishop Melissa Skelton has announced the creation of “The Bishop's Fund for Refugee Resettlement”.   She writes, “I am initiating this fund in response to the outpouring of interest in our diocese in assisting refugees (there are 14 projects currently underway) and from my own conviction that becoming more involved in this important effort in Canada is a powerful expression of who we are as Anglican Christians”.

The purpose of the fund is to cover a range of expenses above and beyond the monies raised by parishes or other groups to satisfy the requirements of their sponsorship applications. Examples of the kinds of include: extra-ordinary medical expenses, "month 13" expenses (expenses during the time of transition from sponsor support to self-sufficiency), and any other unforeseen gaps between a refugee family's projected expenses and what it actually costs to live in this part of Canada.


The Fund has been initiated with $5000 already given and a $10,000 gift to the Bishop. 


More information about the Bishop's Fund for Refugee Resettlement can be found HERE on the diocesan website. Furthermore, HERE is a direct link to the giving page for convenience.