We welcome everyone to seek spiritual growth through Jesus Christ, and to be instruments of God’s love to all people.



  • Worship Ministry lists for July and August are posted on the glass office wall.  Please sign up.  We will not be sending out reminder emails during summer, so please make note of when you sign up.  Summer is a great time to try a new ministry!

  • Summer office hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 am to 1 pm (starting July 1)

  • Joanie Markwart, Parish Administrator, will be on holidays from June 29 to July 9.  If you need to contact the office please call 604-534-6514.  Volunteers will be here during summer office hours (see above).  There will be no newsletter July 4.

Up Coming Events

  • Saturday, October 5 – Dessert Social and Vaudeville Show!!  This is going to be such a fun night.  Save the date, tickets will go on sale very soon!!  More information to come!!

Warden’s Update June 2019

As we all look forward to enjoying summer, we thought it was a good time to look back at what has happened at St Andrew’s so far this year and let you know some of the plans we have for the rest of 2019.

Rev. Andrew Halladay has been our Vicar now for 9 months and we have really enjoyed working with him and welcoming him and his family to our parish.  Andrew has brought a new level of excitement and optimism to the church.  He has been introducing new ideas to us as well as making several changes to the way we use the church and worship together.

Our attendance on Sunday’s continues to grow and we certainly would like to welcome several newcomers to our congregation.  We are really glad to have you join us.

The last several months have been quite busy at St Andrew’s:

  • A successful Lent and Easter season, including a significant contribution to the PWRDF and Lenten and Easter study groups led by Andrew.

  • A lovely evening dinner and dance to celebrate Mardi Gras and raise money for the youth’s trip to Taize this summer

  • A regular Yoga session every Monday evening

  • A great “Messy Church” event in May with 12 children and their parents and grandparents.

  • A major overhaul of our electrical system, repairing long burnt exhaust fans, upgrading to LED’s and repairing non-functioning plugs and lights.  Everything is now brighter and much more up to date.

  • A meeting earlier this month with the Parish Council of St Dunstan’s to discuss how the two churches could work more closely together for the benefit of all.

  • A successful BBQ and youth led service last week, as a send off to the young ladies who are off to their Taize, France retreat on June 28.  Thanks to Alison Minto and Amanda Ruston for volunteering to chaperon the girls.

After the first 5 months of the year we were nearly on budget, financially.  Income was slightly under budget (-$1,857) but expenses were lower than expected (-$2,727).  We had budgeted for a Garage Sale in June (which was cancelled) that would have resulted in additional income, but we hope to offset this with our Vaudeville Evening fund raiser on Oct 5.

We have spent about $8,000 on our electrical work and a further $1,000 on roof repairs.  This money came from our Building and Maintenance Fund.

We have now begun to email a regular weekly newsletter to everyone to keep you all up to date on events and happenings at the church.  Please let Joanie Markwart at the office know if you have something you want to have announced. 

This fall we are planning several events that we hope you will put in your calendars and plan to attend.

  • Welcome Back Service and BBQ- Sept 8th

  • Dessert Social and Vaudeville Show – Oct 5th (tickets will be available soon)

  • Orpheus Men’s Choir – Christmas Concert – Dec. 6

  • Messy Church – Sat Oct. 19th and Sat Dec 14th

Keep an eye on the newsletter or the website for more activities and special services.

With the increase in children attending our Sunday 10 am service we will be looking at reintroducing a more structured learning program for them in the fall.

We are beginning to work on the major project of replacing the flooring throughout the church building, that was discussed at our last Vestry meeting.  A sub-committee of Parish Council (Stuart Allan, Cathy Barnes, Carl Markwart and Alison Minto) has been established.  The first objective will be to determine flooring options and estimates to bring to the congregation, hopefully this fall.  After we have a plan in place, then we will be able to discuss how to raise the necessary funds to do this. 

We hope that you have a great summer and thank-you for your continued active involvement at St Andrew’s.


May God bless you,

Stuart Allan, People’s Warden                  Cathy Barnes, Vicar’s Warden