We believer it is important to mark a life, to honour the deceased and to assist the family to move through the process of grief and mourning. We welcome those who would like to remember and give thanks for their loved ones in our Sanctuary. 

We have stands for enlarged photos of the deceased, and small tables to hold cremains, candles, flowers and other items in front of the altar. We encourage people to use projected photos, power-point presentations and other digital resources during their reception. We will do what we can to assist you using these tools during the service. The sanctuary cannot be fully darkened due to skylights. St Andrew's has a sound system, a baby grand piano, an electronic piano and a small pipe organ available for use during the service. 

The Sanctuary at St. Andrew's holds 250 people. Furthermore, the hall holds 200 people with a commercial kitchen attached. We have round and rectangular tables with chairs available. 

We will help you plan a funeral or memorial service that will honour the memory of your loved one. You will meet with our rector to talk about the service, structured around contemporary Anglican liturgy, including hymns and readings.

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