Frequently Asked Questions

What do people wear?

We are more casual than formal; its hot in the summers, dress lightly!

What are the services like?

Our services are from The Book of Common Prayer at 8 am and The Book of Alternative Services at 10 am.  We participate through prayer, scripture reading, singing, and worship. More information about our services can be found here

Do I have to go to the closest Anglican church?

No.  While parishes have geographical boundaries, members choose where they worship. Other Anglican churches in the Fraser Valley can be found here

What do I have to believe?

Anglicans are members of the Christian Church.  We believe in God as Creator, revealed in Jesus Christ, and with us in the Holy Spirit.  We welcome you wherever you are in your faith journey, trusting that God's Spirit is leading you.

Do you have childcare?

We encourage our families to stay in church and have children participate in the service. Young children are more then welcome to wander the aisle during the service! For babies and toddlers, when required, we have a well laid out nursery complete with audio equipment, so parents can follow the service. More information can be found here

DO you have classes for the children?

We currently do not have a formal Sunday School class, however, we do have a table in the Sanctuary for the children to play or colour at, with or without their parents. When interested, children are supported and encouraged to take an active role in the service! More information can be found here

do children receive communion?

Yes!  Children are welcome to participate in communion.

what does the worship space look like?

We have a beautiful worship space that can be seen here

Will I be introduced during the service?

We offer a welcoming environment, however, you will not be asked to speak or introduce yourself.

Do you have a choir?

Yes! We have both a choir and music program. More information about our music program can be found here

Do you have a bible study?

We currently do not have a regularly scheduled bible study, however, there are plans to begin a lay person run bible study in the future! More information can be found here

Are you on social media?

Yes! Our Facebook page can be found here

I have a question that wasn't listed

Our parish administrator loves questions! Please contact us