St. Andrew's welcomes all children!


For young children

We encourage our families to stay in church and have children participate in the service. Young children are welcome to wander the aisle during the service!

For babies and toddlers, when required, we have a well laid out nursery complete with audio equipment, so parents can follow the service.

Sunday School

For Ages 5-11

We currently do not have a formal Sunday School class, however, we do have a table in the Sanctuary for the children to play or colour at, with or without their parents.

When interested, children are supported and encouraged to take an active role in the service! This includes helping with sides duties, taking up bread and wine, assisting with the offertory and various other duties.


Youth Group


for ages 12+

In the past we have had very active youth programs, using the "Journey to Adulthood" program. Recently we have had two very successful pilgrimages to Taize, France and San Francisco, California.

Currently, we have a low number of youth and there is no formal youth program. However, we do have the resources to restart the youth group if the numbers permit.